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China Investment International Group Co., Ltd. (CIIG), founded in 2002 in Hong Kong with registered capital of USD 500 million, is a joint-stock company mainly engaged in financing investment.

Based on Chinese industry and relying on projects pulling industrial structure transformation, CIIG positively integrates international financial capital, pursues integration of industrial capital and international financial capital, so as to provide one-stop service.

CIIG has 5 wholly-owned holding subsidiaries: guohua yongxin investment management co., LTD., liaoning guoji environmental protection industry co., LTD., zhangjiajie guohua yongxin tourism development co., LTD., zhangjiajie yingcai agriculture and forestry development co., LTD., shenyang guohua yongxin investment consulting management co., LTD.

Corporate environmentThe team of CIIG once developed markets of Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, occupying a large market share; CIIG established (TSK) Liaoning Industry Corporation in Tokyo, Japan, which was continuously honored as one of 50,000 excellent enterprises in Tokyo for many times consecutively, becoming the sole foreign-funded enterprise among excellent enterprises in Tokyo. During the financial crisis, it successfully established international bank consortium, financed USD 75 million by financial means of limited recourse and completed the transformation of self-owned power plant of Ansteel Group Company, which is the most successful “project finance” project with maximum capital investment in China during Asia financial crisis. It also introduced 36-million-USD long-term, low-interest loan and other large projects for radio and TV projects in Liaoning by adopting special yen loan.

In reliance on rich human resource and advantages of projects in China, CIIG actively enhances relationships with foreign fund organizations, banks and trust companies by internationally common financial instruments and measures. As CIIG geared Chinese industrial transformation to the international conventions, it has formed a new growth mode of taking projects as support and capital as platform to seek developments in new energy, new material, sewage treatment and other resource industries.

CIIG actively introduces foreign investment, updates management concepts, improves its image and competitiveness of the company, to provide one-stop service mode of leveraged financing for enterprise integration, list restructuring and assets appraisal. Therefore, great contribution can be made for economic development of project areas.

In the future, we will strengthen self-building according to modern enterprise system, further expand the market according to modes integrating industrial capital and financial capital and try hard to search on capital securitization and securities internationalization to build CIIG into a multinational company.