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Since the early 90s of last century, the entrepreneurial team of CIIG has kept close contact with markets of Greater China and the Asian-pacific regions, becoming one of few financial investment organizations in Hong Kong firstly entering the northeast areas of China at that time. The foresight and sagacity of the team have been rewarded magnificently over decades of efforts and established good service consciousness and business system prior to the maturity of the market, laying a solid foundation for future long-term strategy formulation and development plans.

CIIG provides various project services for customers, including financial investment, property development IPO, Sino-foreign joint venture-based project, etc.

CIIG has strategically established its headquarter in Hong Kong, where has been leading the financial investment industry constantly.

The group carefully understands unique demands and objectives of each business partner and overcomes challenges through independent and fair professional advices. Over decades of efforts, CIIG has developed into a world-class financial service agency, which can provide one-stop service with customers and realize its investment and business objectives.

In CIIG, no matter your enterprise is a listed company or a small startup enterprise, we will treat each customer with consistent ethical practices and services.

In CIIG, there are close cooperation among enterprise value and intangible asset evaluation, property and industrial asset appraisal and financial risk management. Besides, the company keeps close contact with consultation teams, to bring the latest market trends and industry experience to customers and assist customers to make better financial decisions.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Financial Report
Intangible Assets
Trade Credit/Long-term Asset Depreciation Test & Analysis
Purchasing Price Allocation
Land & Building Value Allocation
Economic Lifetime Estimation
Rental Market Value Assessment
Natural Resources
Workshop & Machine Equipment
Convertible Bond Modeling and Consultation
Credit Risk Assessment
Derivative Contract Risk Assessment
Employee Stock Option Plan
Finance & Derivative Estimation
Corporate Information Management
Project Management
Survey Analysis
Business Strategy Planning
Certified Value Analyst (CVA)
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA)
‧ Initial Public Offering (IPO)
‧ Acquisitions & Mergers
‧ Purchasing Price Allocation
‧ Financial Report
‧ Investment Portfolio
‧ Fairness Opinion Service
‧ Lawsuit
‧ Liquidation
‧ Business Development Plan
‧ Opportunity Assessment
‧ Establishing Financial Model
‧ Industry Competitiveness Assessment
‧ Operating Performance Prediction
‧ Chartered Assessment Surveyor
‧ Chartered Building Quantity Surveyor
‧ Construction Cost Consultant
‧ Member of American Society of Appraisers
‧ Certified Public Valuer (China)
‧ Mechanical Engineering Experts
‧ Members of American Mineral Resource Appraiser Association
‧ New Material & New Energy
‧ Automobile & Equipment Manufacturing Industry
‧ Agriculture
‧ Mining Industries (Metal Mine, Coal Mine, Iron Mine, etc.)
‧ Power Plant
‧ Transportation (Port, Toll Road, Airport, etc.)
‧ Petrochemical Industry
‧ Pharmacy
‧ Investment Property Appraisal
‧ Commercial/Industrial/Residential Property Assessment
‧ Land & Building Value Distribution
‧ Economic Lifetime Appraisal
‧ Infrastructure Assessment
‧ Stock Assessment
‧ Rent Market Price Opinion
‧ Natural Resource Assessment
‧ Workshop & Machine Equipment Assessment
All senior members of financial risk management own the following qualifications:
‧ Financial Risk Manager (FRM)
‧ Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
‧ Financial Engineer
‧ Qualified Actuary
‧ Convertible Bond Modeling & Consultation
‧ Credit Risk Appraisal
‧ Derivative Contract Risk Assessment
‧ Enterprise Risk Management
‧ Financial Instrument Fair Value Appraisal 
‧ Risk Management Consultation
‧ Convertible Bond/Bill
‧ Employee Stock Ownership Plan
‧ Financial Guarantee Contract
‧ Futures/Forward Contracts
‧ Mixed Stock Option
‧ Stock Appreciation Rights
‧ Swap Transaction
‧ Preferred Stock
‧ Restricted Stock
‧ Real Options
‧ Warrants/ Options

The successful investment of the group is based on incorrupt ethical practice of individuals and organizations. The culture makes us understand and insist on our values in handling business and strictly abide by national laws and regulations and related specification and provision of professional administrative organizations.

To ensure independence and professionalism of appraisal industry, the group won’t accept instructions related to customer interests in any case.